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Having had an interest in wildlife as long as he can remember, Clark Schreibeis (pronounced SHRY-bise) first carving was of a whale from a bar of soap at age 9. Unknown to him, this first crude attempt at sculpture would eventually lead to a career in wildlife art.

After finishing school, Clark worked in construction and spent his spare time in Montana's wild places fishing, hunting and studying the wildlife that he loved. Clark's desire to pursue wildlife art as a career was inspired in 1980 during a four-month canoe trip on some of the wildest rivers above the Arctic Circle in Northwest Alaska. He and a friend floated, lined and portaged their canoe over 600 miles through the Brooks Range while fishing for char, salmon, and grayling as well as photographing caribou, moose, and grizzly bear. The awesome beauty of the fish and wildlife coupled with his lifelong love for the outdoors convinced Clark that he had to somehow carve out a career that revolved around the outdoors.

In 1981, Clark opened his studio in Billings, Montana and began mounting fish and birds for area sportsmen. He soon gained a reputation for his lifelike fish and bird mounts and quickly became one of the West's premier taxidermists. He began entering taxidermy competitions in 1985 and soon accumulated a long list of Best of Shows, Best of Categories, and numerous special awards.

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